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By Marcianne Kuethen June 26, 2017

The Employee Compensation Dilemma

How do you see your employees? Are workers mostly financial burdens who diminish your company’s profitability, or are

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By Marcianne Kuethen June 18, 2017

When Your Employee Makes a Mistake

When I was in fifth grade, my parents transferred me to a new school. I hated being

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By Jay Ramos June 12, 2017

Taking Advantage of the Gig Economy

I have two nieces, both Millennials, who are registered nurses. These girls worked very hard to put

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By The Amtec Team March 20, 2017

How to Conduct an Exit Interview

Len (not his real name) started out his new sales job with high hopes. Even though he experienced

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By Marcianne Kuethen February 20, 2017

Create a Recruiting Plan to Tackle Changing Staffing Needs

This past Christmas, we offered a $5 gift card for the most festively dressed employee. While the

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By Marcianne Kuethen February 14, 2017

A Fresh Look at Our Core Values

We recently took a fresh look at our core values to make sure our actions and beliefs

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By Marcianne Kuethen January 24, 2017

Personality Clashes at Work

We’ve probably all said it at one time or another: “Those two have a personality conflict.” That

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By Marcianne Kuethen January 09, 2017

Never Skip That Reference Check

Photo by Josh Wilburne, Shinjuku, Japan Have you ever gotten into a taxi in a foreign county

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By Marcianne Kuethen December 26, 2016

Change the Pace of the Interview

Scott Kuethen, our CEO, has a favorite question to ask candidates toward the beginning of each interview.

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By Marcianne Kuethen December 12, 2016

The Benefits of Hiring for Diversity

What do you think of when you read the phrase, the benefits of hiring for diversity? To

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